Im März 2015 gastierte das Ensemble Materialtheater auch auf Einladung des Goethe Instituts in der Türkei bei den 9th Izmir International Puppet Days. Für dieses Gastspiel haben wir extra eine türkische Version erarbeitet. Daniel Kartmann, Erzähler und Musiker in den ‘Drei Affen’ hat mit seinem wunderbaren türkisch das Publikum in Izmir überrrascht und berührt. Zum Applaus gab es standing ovations!

….I watched your show on 14.March.2015 Saturday in Izmir, Turkey. We watched your show with 4 friends of mine. We all loved your show.

The most surprising part was the start of the show, with Daniel’s turkish…it was amazing, he was absolutely amazing, what an effort it was, I must congratulate him firstly…and Annette, Alberto and Sigrun were amazing as “nothingland people” and perhaps Luigi was the one moving the things around, who was not seen on the stage…

Thanks to you all, it was a great effort and a well written play, I was shocked to understand nearly everything the “nothingland people” spoke…gestures were fantastic…the play was well organized, and I said to myself, “I wish I was fifteen and saw this play and asked so many questions to my parents and friends”.     The play makes you wonder why it’s actually more important to be ok with lesser than we have, why less is more and why we have to share everything things we own, materials and even the love we have…Thanks again to make ust laugh and think at the same time for even one night. I wish I had children, and I wish I could make them see your play. Good luck and have fun!

Best Regards to staff! 🙂

– Cagin