(Deutsch) Nach dem französischen Kinderbuch ‘Petit-Gris’ von Elzbieta. Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren und die ganze Familie

Co-production between the FITZ!Figurentheater Stuttgart and the Puppet Theatre in Halle

This is the story of a rabbit family: Daddy Albert, Mummy Liliane and the little boy rabbit Ernesto – who suddenly catch poverty as if it was the flu. Holes appear everywhere, in their clothes, in the roof of their house and in their documents. “No documents, no house! Out!” say the security rabbits. Now the rabbit family is out on the street with empty pockets. Where should they go? Where will they live? Who can protect them from the wind and the rain? What can they do about being hungry and having sore feet? And what do you answer someone who wants to buy your child off you so that it can have a better future? Although the family sticks together, the security rabbits are always close on their heels to chase them away. Their situation seems hopeless, but luckily Ernesto is a child and, like all children, likes to store things in his pockets. That’s why he secretly put a hole in his pocket, which turned out to be a great idea because – believe it or not – it’s a magic hole! And that is how Ernesto finds a totally unexpected way out of their problem and how he can outsmart the security rabbits. Other elements in the tale are: a sad, abandoned house, a disturbance and a surprise. But if we told you more now, it would spoil the story…

Press Stuttgarter Nachrichten “This is the Stuttgart Ensemble Materialtheater’s play about poverty, and it is made for children aged five and over. Staged by Alberto Garcia Sanchez, the play captivates its audience with a wide variety of images and scenes that open doors wide to children’s imaginations. This is also possible thanks to jazz musician Daniel Kartman and his live, improvised music and musical props, made with vibraphones and all sorts of percussion elements. With the sort of cheeky humour that children love, Sigrun Nora Klinger and Annette Scheibler tell the story of a toy/puppet rabbit family that is driven out of its home. They bring cardboard shapes to life and at one point, a house starts speaking. In one moment of wonderful children’s puppet theatre, a pair of rabbits in a sports car races over the stage in a hunt for a child to adopt – marvelous!”

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung “Although “Ernesto Rabbit Has a Hole in His Pocket” is thriftily staged, it is nevertheless an imaginative play full of original ideas, turbulence and depth which audiences of all ages will enjoy – both in terms of its funny jokes and of its deeper meanings. An enchanting story about rabbits – which is also down to musician Daniel Kartmann, who subtly and coolly connects the plot with his vibraphone and percussion as well as his richly vivid array of sound effects.” 

Erlangener Nachrichten “Although the topic of poverty is not one usually associated with children’s theatre, here it is woven into a children’s tale of a rabbit family that is sliding down the social ladder, and presented in a way that combines gentle humour and quiet sadness in equal measure. The play is set in a handmade world of cardboard which really contains everything: houses, a car, even a guitar. There are stuffed, cloth rabbits; as well as other wicked little details – all made with care and love; and on top of all this, live commentary in the form of musical sounds made on a vibrophone. There are plenty of weighty issues here, but they are dealt with free of heavy-handedness, and young audiences are thrilled and spellbound by it all.”