Suitable for children from the age of 6. With lots of music, and very few words.

Two tramps sit on a bench, just enjoying life. The sun is shining; they have salami in their pockets to eat. Suddenly there is a small dog at their feet, and he stays right there with them. It’s good to have a dog, they think. He’ll keep you company, wag his tail when he sees you, and bark when a stranger comes too close to your bench. The dog is hungry, but they barely have enough salami for themselves. Perhaps the dog should look for a different home? They can think of a hundred reasons why the dog can’t stay with them. Let’s send him away… But what if he gets run over by a car, or can’t find anything to eat, or freezes to death, or is trapped by a dog-catcher? Oh, it will be OK, nothing will happen to him. But what if it does? Then suddenly there‘s not just one dog with them, but a whole bunch of them! You can look after one dog, but a whole pack of them?!

A clown-esque, surreal play for children about sharing and the natural, human gift of feeling sympathy for others.


“Deutsche Buehne Adrienne Braun”: The Ensemble Theater troupe has had huge success over the last 30 years with its own brand of clever, witty and innovative theatrical productions. It borrows ideas from the visual and fine arts, often incorporating music as well. Its greatest asset is the totally dry humour which garnishes the groups wonderfully imaginative ideas.

“Theater der Zeit Mascha Erbelding”: `One can only ever tell stories about the things one knows.‘ This thought runs like a thread (albeit with a question mark) through the Ensemble Materialtheaters productions, which do have a decidedly political angle. They try to shake up their audiences by means of the power of imagination, as well as using alienation through the use of puppets and other material props and effects. The Ensemble Materialtheater takes its audience – children – seriously and aims to portray and deal with vital, difficult social issues in a non-serious, artful and imaginative way.

A co-production with the FITZ! Theatre, Stuttgart &  the Théâtre Octobre Bruxelles, in co-operation with the Stadelhofen Theatre, Zurich. Co-sponsored by the City of Stuttgart and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science and Arts.

Premiere Theater Stadelhofen Zurich (CH): October 23st, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. 

Premiere Stuttgart, FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater: Saturday March 21st, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.